Directions from the Long Island Expressway

Take the LIE East to Exit 49S, (marked as Amityville/Huntington.)  This will put you on the South service road of the LIE.  Get over to the right lane as quickly as it is safe to do so!

Follow the service road to the first traffic light and make a right turn there.  Continue for approximately six traffic lights, this should put you at the intersection of route 110 and Smith Street.  On your right will be the entrance to SUNY at Farmingdale, on your left will be a Hess gas station.  (Just to get your bearings straight because you still have a way to go yet!

Continue South on Route 110 and look for a railroad overpass.  The intersection just passed that will be Conklin Street.  There will be a diner on your right, and diagonally across the Farmingdale Multiplex Cinemas.  At this point you are approximately two miles away from our facility.

Continue south and pass two more traffic lights and go over the route 109 overpass.  There will be a traffic light after that.  Pass that one and get into the left lane as soon as it is safe to do so.

At the NEXT light you will make a left.  This will be Allen Blvd.  There is a White Castle on one corner and a U-Haul truck rental facility on the other.  Make a left turn here.

Continue down Allen Blvd, four blocks to Grand Avenue.  Make a right turn there.  Continue down Grand Avenue for four blocks until you arrive at Rome Street.  At that corner, make a left turn.

Our building is the second on the right number 135, clearly marked on a blue awning over the front door.  If there are no parking spaces in front of the building, there is a spacious parking lot adjacent to the left side of the building.

If you are making a pickup or delivery, proceed through the parking lot and around the storage containers to the garage door of the Shipping/Receiving department.




















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