Directions from Southern State Parkway

Take the "Belt" Parkway East to Long Island.  Once over the city line, The road name changes to "Southern Parkway."

Continue East until you reach exit 32 North, it will be marked  New York 110 Huntington.

NOTE: Be very careful getting off the exit ramp onto 110 - very dangerous!!

As you go north, the first intersection/traffic light you come to will be Great Neck Road.  On the Left will be a Gulf gas station on the right will be a BP Gas station.  Continue north to the next traffic light.  This will be Allen Blvd.  There is a White Castle on one corner and a U-Haul truck rental facility on the other.  Make a right turn here.

Continue down Allen Blvd, four blocks to Grand Avenue.  Make a right turn there.  Continue down Grand four blocks until you arrive at Rome Street.  At that corner, make a left turn.

Our building is the second on the right number 135, clearly marked on a blue awning over the front door.  If there are no parking spaces in front of the building, there is a spacious parking lot adjacent to the left side of the building.

If you are making a pickup or delivery, proceed through the parking lot and around the storage containers to the garage door of the Shipping/Receiving department.





















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