About Philips-Boyne®

      Founded in 1949 and Incorporated in 1955, the Philips-Boyne® corporation is internationally recognized as a stocking distributor of fine woven shirting fabric.

      The majority of our line consists of long staple Egyptian cotton woven and finished in Japan.

      Our warehouse stocks over 3,000,000 yards of fabric in more than 1,500 different styles ranging from classic stripes, checks, solids thru novelties, oxfords,flannels, voiles, seersuckers, ginghams, polka-dots and more - with new patterns added regularly! We also sell; blends, linens and silks.

      At one time selling only to fine shirt makers - at Philip-Boyne ®, shirtings aren't just for shirts anymore!! Top name brands are incorporating our fabrics into all facets of their fashion lines including: Linings for Hats, Coats and purses - Dresses, Swimwear, Pajamas, Maternity, Baby-bedding and clothes (excluding infant sleepwear) & Accessories, Uniform, Costume and of course Shirts & Blouses.

      Our exclusive broadcloth qualities: Ultimo®, Corona®, and Superba® have become staples to many of our clients.

      Located in the New York Metropolitan area, Philips-Boyne® has an excellent reputation in the fashion industry suppling fabric to everyone from "at-home" sewers and custom shirtmakers to couture designers and branded corporations.

      No matter what you're looking for, Philips-Boyne® is a great source for all of your woven shirting fabric needs!

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